simplify… phase two

Bit my lips.
Thank it.
Placed it aside to be given away.

Feel like keeping it.
Thank it.
Placed it in the rubbish bin.

Give up an active pursuit to learn it.
Learn to let go of it.
Told myself doesn’t mean I stop it totally.
Just means more time and more focus for more things that matters more.

Throwing away stuff everyday,
Stopping an active pursuit for something that isn’t active in the first place,
The never ending mission to lighten my load.

Need to be free.

~Flex Tio~

I still think I own too much stuff and have too many passion. The irony is that these passions became passive, and if that’s the case, are they still passion?

I decided to stop learning Cantonese as a 5th language formally. I’m giving away my dictionary of Cantonese Slang to my friend and throwing away the Cantonese Drama which I never watched. But this doesn’t stop me from learning a bit of Cantonese here and there right?

And there’s so much more passion and hobbies I have that I better have some clarity how I want to pursue them soon.


何色? – An original Japanese poem by Flex Tio

I don’t exactly remember when I wrote this but the last saved date of the document file where this poem was saved in was 25 August 2009. Here it goes:


“What is the colour of?” ~by Flex Tio~

The clouds are white.
The sky is blue.
The sea is the reflection of the clouds and the sky.
The sea has some white and some blue.

The heart is red.
Passion is also red.
But, I don’t think I had (found) a heart nor Passion,
The heart and Passion might be grey,

If that is the case, what is the colour of tomorrow?
If that is the case, what is the colour of the future?
As I can’t really see what’s there tomorrow nor in the future,
I do not know their colours.

What is the colour of now?
What is the colour of the current moment?
As I am lost right now,
I think the colour of the current moment is black.

What is the colour of hope?
What is hope?
Please open your hands!
There! Hope is the colour of a rainbow.

Only with my hands, can I see the road I am on now.
Only with my hands, can I build my own tomorrow.
Only with my hands, can I find my heart and my Passion.

The colours of the rainbow are not just white and blue.
What are the colours of tomorrow’s clouds, sky, and sea?
Now, with my hands, I shall search,
And I guess I will know by tomorrow eh?